Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Out of Tomorrow

Out of tomorrow
The prince of contentment eats my fingers
With the conviction grown from the earth
Where I used to water my insecurity

Perfectly evened out
In the yellow sheets that offered us solace
We lay to wait each other’s ending
And the beginning we seldom transpire

Yet one more day
When everything’s changed from ruin to castle
While I breathe quietly over your expectant body
And my fingerless hands search for your bosom

Monday, March 15, 2010


Why have I failed?

With the corner of my mouth
I breathe out strength to ugly butterflies –
You are not alone.

I don’t care how fat I get
Or if the sweat dripping down my face
Will ever be washed with love
Like rotten wood waiting to burn out
Shamefully into eternity.

That’s the only way to reach eternity.

I forgot the location
Of my secret drawer
Where I used to keep all the leitmotivs
Of a premature castration of the mind.

So if everybody leaves me
It makes no difference.
Unchanged, unnamed, I spill over
Into overrated satisfaction
And unfounded confidence
Just like every time.

When alone, no one can leave me

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

West End Dreams

I drink responsibly
I suffer in silence
With the occasional ballad to moisten the cords
Of a love gone by and a break-up sore

The directors
They see my life
In original cutscenes, smart pick-up lines
Impossible car chases ending over the ledge of the Gate

I've always been here
I've lived with the Boys
It's my way of saying I've made the most
Of sunny days, girls and West End dreams

I am the eighties
All over again
And you turn to me softly, not understanding
How can I love you if you're born in the nineties?

Friday, September 04, 2009


Sleep next to me
My blue eyed lady of the sea -
Your hair like waves crashing in my face -
Let's listen to the storm clouds' anguish

Stay close to me
Like drops of rain in perfect symmetry
Though we die quickly in the asphalt ocean
We have seen the world from a distance

Come morning
The hurt will vanish all in light
While we survive together unfolding
Like bumblebees in a hurricane

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Don't let the evening pass
With silenced convenience;

I remained untouched by distance
Or so I pretend -

That the once colourful daylight
Has not faded as a result
Of various circumstances.

The unforgettable gaze
Of the flamenco dancers
Has been trapped eternally
In the rhythm.

I thought you said
You would love me forever.
What about I?